saas marketing strategies in 2020

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SaaS is a cloud-based platform which allows to host various applications and deliver it to customers through the internet. SaaS stands for software as a service which is one of the main categories of cloud computing.

A SaaS company utilises software applications and makes them available to the user over the internet. The companies use this application to grow their business to the next level and to make interaction with the customers.

There are two-way that SaaS companies prefer, the 1st are B2B(business to business) and second, B2C(business to consumers) .

Also few companies follow both. Here some top saas companies such as Hubspot, Google(B2B & B2C), Microsoft(B2C) , Adobe(B2B & B2C), Dropbox(B2B), Slack(B2B & B2C), Zoom(B2B) and many more.

Generally, the SaaS customers need to pay to get access to the application as a monthly subscription.

When we come to the SaaS products, there is the software which is provided by a central location and contributes the data to the user and the need not to install or download the software it can be accessed using any device or web browser by connecting to the internet.

Based on users requirements, the company decides to update the software products, which helps to keep up the connection between organisation and user.

Strategies Before going to SaaS marketing strategies we need to understand SaaS application categories, there are some types of SaaS software which helps to progress business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software:
This is a customer support management database that helps to support the customer services, marketing, needs of users.

Usually, CRM software can extract and maintain the information like contact details of customers, Email IDs, social media etc. as well as most of the marketers get their useful information through CRM tools.

Hubspot is one of the best CRM tools which offer sales, marketing and service software.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software:
ERP is software where various functions merged into a single interface to manage business tasks.

At the same time, more than one system can use this integrated ERP software. Microsoft Dynamic ERP, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle NETSUITE are few ERP tools used to improve the business process.

Accounting software: It is the web-based software to store and process financial tasks without accounting software, we can’t know how a business is running or not.

There are different types of accounting software like spreadsheet (used in small business), commercially off-the sheet(for medium business), ERP software(all data integrated into one interface) and custom accounting software (as per the business needs).

Project management software:
This is also known as a desktop software which is used for a single user only.

Their working principle is scheduling, project planning, documentation, as well as providing useful information to the stakeholders.

Email management software:
Email management is an extensive topic there are substantial no.of apps or software available in the markets such as mailmate and mailbird and a lot more which enables us to organise important emails in the inbox.

SaaS Marketing Strategies -

There are some essential tactics of SaaS to grow marketing strategies.

1) Content marketing:
It is a type of marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant contents to the targeted audience.
Few steps describe how we can improve contents

Determine goal: Set a goal that undoubtedly impacts the audience for your organisation.
Know your audience: you need to work on what exactly the audience knows from you. Use a persona where you can get the customer’s information to understand their requirements better and active on social media to communicate with them.
Write a content audit: It is the process where you can extract data and analyse about web pages, landing pages or blog posts.
Your current content: It is also a crucial step to improve your content. After getting the information from the persona, you can make a list of the customer's needs and can make new innovative and brainstorm content.
Build a more targeted landing page: Use some good formatting landing template to pages to make a better one.
Choose a content management system: choose an integrated system where you can create, publish and track your content whether its impact on the audience or not that helps to create better content in your posts.

Product trials:
The product trials in SaaS industries are all about customer experience and products.

You have to focus on when the customers sign up the site the 1st thing they will see and how do you help them to solve their problems.

By reducing the friction at the time of sign up may increase the customer's interest in the product trial.

Just asking for a name, Email address and creating a password this much information leads to creating a low frictionless process.

SEO stands for Search engine optimisation, which is used to generate leads. It can introduce more visitors to the site, and it reaches out your website to targeted users.

There are two types of SEO -
On-page SEO: It is beneficial to enhance the sear ch rank of your website and make your site visible to the loyal audience to your company.

Most of the people like to use SEMrush as an on-page SEO because it helps in checking your on-page SEO and tracking your website search ranks as well it can find out errors so that you can rectify your website as soon as possible.

Off-page SEO: It is nothing but a backlinks builder and checks the quality of your links.

Referral Marketing: Referral Marketing is otherwise known as the mouth of word marketing, where one person recommends.

Your product with real consumers. Referral Marketing is a very effective strategy to grow your business it can create a vast network of active consumers.

There are so many applications that can be used to boost up your referral program like creating a landing page on the website.

Create Price page: Create a new page or optimise it by offering an affordable price so that the customers will take action on your products.

Make sure the CTA (Placing the call ) visualises.

Offer attractive deal: It is just a way to connect with potential customers for a long time. Provide a discount at a reasonable price so that it increases their excitement to think to buy your products, this is the best way to boost your business.

SaaS marketing is dealing with the cloud environment and an integrated platform for the users.

The above-listed strategies seem more productive to enhance your SaaS business which makes upgrading the solution of your customer's interest.