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The Cloud

Elastic Cloud Computing? What is that?
For starts, it's monster attack safe.

Let's say the nice little city that your retail store is located in is attacked by an angry monster. If you're using PayGo SaaS, you'll be fine. Even if his big scaly foot lands on your computer, your PayGo system and all of its valuable data will be fine. In fact, within seconds, you could have your laptop open and PayGo SaaS up and running, taking care of customers frantic for provisions.

But that's just one benefit. And it's not even the best one, the marketing team just wanted to use a monster graphic!


Elastic Cloud Computing [EC2] Is The Amazon Network.

Amazon has spent 2 billion dollars on its technology in the last decade. In 2006, they started to make this massive infrastructure available to customers like our company.

Basically, they have thousands of servers and other networking contraptions that handle millions of transactions a day. Now we get to bring that to you.


Why This?

When we knew we had to make PayGo a service, we began looking for a way to host it. All of our searches ended up with a setup that would not have had the power to handle your needs. But we told the R&D team to quit being quitters. So they continued to search and eventually discovered the EC2 and within a couple of days, had PayGo SaaS humming along.


How Does It Work?

The elastic cloud is essentially computing without worrying about the hardware that hosts your PayGo. PayGo SaaS runs on a virtual instance, it's a computer virtually created from a grid of computers. So if one of those computers goes down, no biggie to you. Or, new hardware comes out. You don't have to worry about that either. Everything moves along and all we have to worry about is the PayGo solution itself. This is the way computing will be. And it starts now.


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