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PayGo SaaS - The Solution and What It Can Do.

PayGo SaaS runs on nerdy technology, but most importantly, it is powerful software. It handles the core features of your retail business and because it's so easy to use, you'll love working with it.

Run Your Retail Business - Some Feature Highlights


The Big Picture

Use PayGo SaaS' Big Picture to see up to the minute wait ... up to the second information on how your business is doing. See today's sales, what's selling, your margins, what is on order, how things are going at the department level and more.


Ring Sales

That's what Point of Sale is for right? Well, PayGo SaaS does that. It's super easy to search for inventory. You certainly can use a scanner, but we also give you other ways. Also, you can add customers quickly. You can take credit cards and PayGo will also handle gift cards (centralized so any one can be used at any store.)


Track Inventory

A POS solution needs to track inventory. PayGo SaaS does that. Easy to add, easy to track. Oh, and if you add it at the Denver store, the item is available at all the other stores as fast as you blink.

Tracking inventory in PayGo SaaS is easy and very powerful.


Do You Know The Matrix?

Tracking shirts, pants, shoes and other similar items? With PayGo SaaS, we have a mighty matrix tool that makes the tedious work of tracking the many aspects of a single style seem like nothing.

So many tools in PayGo SaaS! We might as well named it Tool SaaS!


Print Things

PayGo SaaS can print price labels (with barcodes) for your merchandise on industry-proven label printers. You can also print receipts to a receipt printer and all of your reports to your own printer.


Track Customers

We understand that you have to provide above-average services to your customers and to do that, you need to know who they are and what they buy. PayGo SaaS allows you to easily add customers and track how they're enjoying your products.


Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards that are tracked by a company who charges you every time you sell one or a customer uses one? You can say good-bye to that. PayGo SaaS tracks your gift cards for you. It tracks balances and allows you to add to your gift card. And if you have more than one store, PayGo SaaS easily handles gift cards no matter where they are used. A customer can redeem on Main St and then go to your Cherry St store and their balance is right there, waiting for them.


Track Purchase Orders

Purchasing is very important to a retailer. PayGo SaaS can do that too. And we realize that many of our customers love to chill on their laptop and get their orders entered as they watch the tube. Well, PayGo SaaS runs anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. So you can login, enter your orders and they are there instantly for your staff to see and process.

  Integrate Your Web Site With PayGoCart

With today's technology, why should you have to have two separate ways of tracking your web site and your brick and mortar store?

PayGo SaaS says you don't have to. With our PayGoCart service, your life just got super simple.
  Punch In. Punch Out.

Tracking employee time is as simple as buttering toast in PayGo SaaS. Basically, you set up your pay periods and that's it. Your employee's can then punch in and punch out.

PayGo SaaS provides several monitoring tools so you can see who's working hard and who's not.

Track and Reward Those Loyal Customers

Your customers allow you to bring home the bacon (or if your 're not into meat, the celery.) Why not utilize PayGo SaaS's loyalty tracking? It gives you great power to award your customers the way you want to.

And if you're awarding them, they'll keep coming back. And if they keep coming back, you make a lot more money. And if you make a lot more money, well, then we will let you take it from there.


User Security

Do you like privacy? With PayGo SaaS, you have a megaton of flexibility when it comes to who can see what in your system.

Best of all, it's easy to manage. It's so easy, you might think you're back in 1st grade when you set it all up.


Multiple Stores

Connecting your stores has never been as easy as it is with PayGo SaaS. Everything is real-time! You always know how much business is going on at any site. Now that gives you an advantage.

Tracking inventory becomes easy. Tracking customers, gift cards, orders, anything... it just makes sense.


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